Arrival and Departure
Cyprus Symphony Orchestra














Centre of Cypriot Composers

Piece: “Isihia Mesimeriou”









tana concert FINAL 2Center of Cypriot Composers,

piece: “Circuit Bendings”















Center of Cypriot Composers,

piece: “Liquidation of Death”

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
















Pieces: “Run” “Monochroma”










Artos Foundation Silent Movie Festival,  Movie: Notitz-1, Music: Tasos Stylianou










2nd fest.


Center of Cypriot Composers

Lecture on Iannis Xenakis,

Piece: “Worms and Butterflies” Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble















Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

piece: ” Protogonismos”















piano concert


Center of Cypriot Composers Works for Piano, Piece: “Equilibrium”

Ermis Theodorakis Piano











Nieuw Ensemble at Pharos Arts Foundation Contemporary Music Festival, Piece: “sPilaion”














Center of Cypriot Composers,

piece: “Elos”

DissonArt New Music Ensemble














Piece: “Fossils” for prepared piano and percussion. Marios Nicolaou Perc., Drosostalida Moraiti Pian.












Alea III J



ALEA III New Music Ensemble

International Composition Competition















Newspaper article (by George Savvinides) on “Odyssey” for   Orchestra (first prize winner)














Mosaic J




Society of Composers CD

piece: “Aneresis”












Book of TimeJ



Ensemble Elektra CD,

Performances as a Guitarist













Cafe aman AmerikaJ


Cafe Aman Ensemble CD,

Performances as a Guitarist













CDS Hook

















Nov 7 2013 Artande




Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

piece: “Artante”
















Tana 2


Centre of Cypriot Composers

Piece: “Discursus”











concert in London


Hellenic Center, London. Lecture on piano work “Equilibrium”  and performance.













“Manlike” music for Dancer/Choreographer Milena Ugren Koulas.


























chronos ensemble


Avantgarde Cultural Foundation concert,

piece: “Fossils II”

for piano, Drosostalida Moraiti Pian.











4th festival



4th cont. music fest. by the centre of Cypriot composers 2015

piece: “GAIA”

for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, D.B.

DissonArt new music ensemble










A trio 2





Concert in Cologne by the centre of Cypriot composers 2015

piece: “Train Ride at 11” for violin, saxophone and piano


with “A TRIO”
























Concert in Cyprus by the centre of Cypriot composers 2016

piece: “Train Ride at 11” for violin, saxophone and piano

with “A TRIO”










ArtosConcert at ARTOS           FOUNDATION  during the  Silent Film Festival in 2016Performing live on a my hand-made instrument on the Film “WEHENDE BAUME” by Andreas Koch




















Dionisios solomos











Electra tampere




































Jazz with Sarah Sarah Fenwick at Sarahs Jazz Club























My Concert in November 5th 2016 at Festival Axiotheas (University of Cyprus)

Four works inspired by the poetry of Michalis Pieris, Kostas Reousis and F.G. Lorca













































































Center of Cypriot Composers,

5th Contemporary Music Festival November 14-19 in 2016

piece: “GAIA”

Disssonart Contemporary Music Ensemble



Vocal group   Neue Vocalsolisten














































A sound device made of mostly Junk that I created along with scientist/artist Achilleas Kentonis and book artist Marina Yerali in collaboration with the ARTOS Foundation and Technical University of Cyprus

2016 during the Pop-Up festival.

15591394_10154815356359719_3499870241018907098_o 15625940_10154815357459719_8191819478192034764_o 15578202_10154815357529719_723101999068867548_o







The Composers Ensemble in Collaboration with Egomio Cultural Centre








The Composers Ensemble














6th New Music Festival organized by the Centre of Cypriot Composers

PIECES: Y DESPUES for C.B. Clar., Euph., Harp, Percussion and Soprano. Performed by Nieuw Ensemble and conducted by Tasos Stylianou. PROTEST for Orchestra. Performed by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Jens Georg Bachmann






During the 6th New Music Festival organized by the Centre of Cypriot Composers














ACTING SYNTHESIS: A dramaturgical content of visual representations expressed through the structure of sound and refers to the direct contact with the space. The content of the work will be constructed by sound based on the dramaturgical coherence of its evolutional story.It is a musical theatre where the space and the drama will be appearing visually thought sound. It will also contributes to the use of the three-dimensional sound that can give to the audience the opportunity to perceive the space and the storytelling of the “play”. Sound Theater is an initiative of the established composer Taso Stylianou and it involves Cypriot musicians and technicians with specialized equipment that can support 3D sound. Artos Foundation’s aim is to act as a catalyst for Cypriot creators and to challenge further experimentation, research and new technological experiences/ discoveries in their field.







PIECE: Train Ride at 11 for Saxophone, Piano and Violin Performed by A-TRIO





PIECE: Train Ride at 11
































































































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